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Blumar and Veramaris innovate to achieve better health, welfare and quality outcomes for Atlantic Salmon

Delft, the Netherlands, 28 June 2022 - It’s a global first for Blumar: an innovative program that will improve the quality and nutrition of their Atlantic Salmon. Blumar and Veramaris with the collaboration of Skretting are working on an innovative feed protocol rich in both EPA & DHA Omega-3 using Veramaris ASC-MSC certified sustainable algal oil. The program consists of two components: introducing Veramaris algal oil into the salmon’s feed supplied by Skretting; and following Veramaris’ Optimum Omega Nutrition (OON) guidelines to meet the nutritional requirements of Atlantic Salmon for better health, welfare and quality outcomes. Thanks to innovations of this kind, Blumar seeks to achieve its environmental goals, and continue to improve sustainability across the entire value chain, decreasing dependency on wild-capture forage fish for Omega 3.

Innovation applied

Blumar is committed to constantly innovating and responding to changing consumer demands for higher quality products and greater nutritional benefits in seafood. Given this, Blumar is developing, adapting and improving processes and product nutritional attributes. This partnership will show that innovations like Veramaris algal oil can be implemented along the value chain at speed, to improve Atlantic salmon nutrition and provide the consumers with a product that is suited to human health, helps fish welfare and is raised within planetary boundaries.

Gerardo Balbontin, Blumar´s CEO, commented on the project, “At Blumar, we are acutely attuned to our customers' demands for sustainability beyond certification. This partnership aligns three strategic partners who share commitments to the environment, efficiency and value creation; innovation and learning; and the value of long-term, trusting business relationships.”

Achieving OON through algal oil

Veramaris’ algal oil contains the highest amount of both EPA & DHA Omega-3s currently available on the market. Implementing the OON guidelines can support farm production by meeting the nutritional requirements of the fish during the grow-out phase. Optimum Omega Nutrition is a guideline for meeting both EPA & DHA Omega-3 and ARA Omega-6 requirements, whilst maintaining the appropriate Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio in salmon diets, leading to improved salmon health and welfare throughout production. By using Veramaris algal oil in conjunction with the OON guidelines, fish farmers not only stand to improve productivity, product quality and yield but also lower their dependency on marine ingredients.

Veramaris CEO, Karim Kurmaly said; "Through this value chain collaboration, Blumar is taking the lead by improving its sustainability performance while also strengthening its offering for Americans in line with changing consumer demands. By using Veramaris algal oil and the Optimum Omega Nutrition guidelines, Blumar will improve product quality and yield and de-risk their supply chain with less reliance on wild-capture forage fish. It’s wonderful to see Blumar embrace the science of Omega-3 nutrition and realize the full potential of algal oil”.

Laguna Blanca branded salmon is further strengthened through this collaboration, enhancing its premium quality in response to consumer demand for high quality, nutritious and sustainable seafood. These characteristics include the fact that it is never treated with antibiotics, originating from the pristine waters of Patagonia’s Magallanes region 12, is ASC certified, rich in both EPA & DHA Omega 3 and fed on natural marine algae. Production takes place in Blumar´s Magallanes farms in Chile.

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About Blumar

Blumar is a Chilean world-class company dedicated to fishing and aquaculture. With access to more than 24% of Central-South pelagic quotas, Blumar is Chile´s largest frozen jack mackerel exporter and one of the leading fish oil and fish meal producers. With an expected annual production of more than 70,000 metric tons of farmed salmon, Blumar is committed to sustainable aquaculture in Chilean Patagonia, one of the best areas in the world for salmon farming due to its virgin waters supplied by glaciers and frigid Antarctic currents.

Blumar is globally recognized not only as a top producer of premium seafood products, but as industry leaders of programs to increase the sustainability of the fisheries and aquaculture operations the company engages in.  All Blumar’s products are Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP) 4-Star certified and over 75% of its atlantic salmon is certified under the ASC standard, one of the highest levels of third-party sustainability certification.

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About Veramaris

Veramaris is expanding access to sustainable Omega-3 that’s rich in both EPA & DHA with the world’s first ASC-MSC-certified microalgae oil for fish and shrimp feed.

From our headquarters in Delft, Netherlands to our advanced production facility in Blair, Nebraska, we collaborate with value chain partners to support the entire seafood industry in both creating and capturing value. 

From the scientist to the shopper, Veramaris algal oil delivers confidence and ease of use to mitigate Omega-3 supply risk, and attain better performance, less waste, and higher quality seafood.

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