Nature’s original source of Omega-3

Veramaris is expanding access to sustainable Omega-3 that’s rich in both EPA & DHA with the world’s first ASC-MSC-certified microalgae oil for fish and shrimp feed.

Optimum Omega Nutrition (OON) Guidelines

Learn how an optimized diet with Veramaris algal oil can offer improved animal welfare, a more premium product, and ultimately contribute to enhanced productivity for farm-raised shrimp, salmon and marine fish.

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Improve performance, health, welfare and quality of farmed seafood

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Big Data insights
Learn how higher EPA & DHA levels impact commercial aquaculture operations

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Nutritional guidelines for different species and growth stages


Why algal oil matters?

Veramaris' natural marine algal oil is an alternative source of Omega-3 that mitigates supply risk and supports better fish performance, less waste, and higher quality seafood. At Veramaris, we create value by collaborating to apply our innovative algal oil for optimum nutrition, enabling sustainable growth and better productivity for our customers.

Sustainable Development Report 2023

In this report, we share an update on our sustainability journey, including examples of projects and partnerships that helped us to make an impact.

Latest press releases

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Veramaris achieves a record-breaking year with a 50% increase in production volumes

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Veramaris secures Canadian authorization for algal oil in aquafeed

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Veramaris strengthens emissions commitments with first Scope 3 targets

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Veramaris on Ocean Titans

While fish oil has long been a traditional source of Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), the rapid growth of aquaculture requires reliable alternatives. That’s where Veramaris comes in. We partnered with the World Ocean Council and Reuters for their Ocean Titans docuseries to showcase our work in providing a regenerative and sustainable source of Omega-3.

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