Algal oil

features and benefits

At Veramaris, we create value by collaborating to apply our innovative algal oil for optimum nutrition, enabling sustainable growth and better productivity for our customers.

While global demand for seafood as an important source of protein is at an all-time high and only expected to continue to grow, there is a pressing need to ensure healthy feed supply to meet this demand. Healthy farmed fish and shrimp, like humans, rely on their diet for Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

ASC-MSC-certified Veramaris algal oil is an alternative source of Omega-3 (EPA & DHA). Higher dietary levels of EPA & DHA translate at the farm into better productivity, performance, health and welfare of farmed fish and shrimp.

In addition to improving the nutritional qualities of aquafeed, Veramaris algal oil also makes the supply chain more resilient against the volatility and quality variations that can impact supply of marine ingredients, the traditional source of Omega-3 in animal feed.

With Veramaris algal oil, aquaculture farmers can help consumers to access healthier (richer in Omega-3) and more sustainable (lower marine footprint) seafood products.

Value chain benefits

Veramaris algal oil has multiple attributes that benefit customers throughout the value chain


Produced from natural marine algae, nature’s original and richest source of Omega-3, Veramaris algal oil enables aquaculture to continue growing within planetary boundaries.

  • The algal strain originates from the North Pacific and is non-GMO
  • Helps reduce marine footprint of farmed seafood: 1 ton of Veramaris algal oil provides the same amount of EPA & DHA as up to 66 tons of wild forage fish
  • Renewable process inputs


Veramaris algal oil has the highest lipid potency available on the market today and is rich in both EPA & DHA Omega-3.

  • Highest natural concentration of Omega-3: 65%
  • Rich in both EPA & DHA for Optimum Omega Nutrition
  • Giving more control over the consistency and nutritional quality of aquaculture feed


Veramaris algal oil is the first and only ASC-MSC-certified microalgae oil for fish and shrimp feed and won several awards for its adoption as an alternative feed ingredient.

Ready Now

Veramaris algal oil is available now to help to close the gap in Omega-3 supply and demand, allowing farmers to restore essential fatty acid levels and ratios and mitigate the supply chain risk.

  • Commercially available
  • Economically viable
  • Full traceability
  • Ease of use

Straight from nature’s original source of Omega-3 to the fish farm

All Omega-3 in fish originates from natural marine algae, as it travels up food chain. It’s the original and only significant producers of EPA & DHA Omega-3 in nature​.

Veramaris algal oil is the richest source of EPA & DHA

There are a number of oil sources that contribute to the levels of Omega-3 EPA & DHA in aquaculture feeds. Veramaris algal oil is the richest source with 65% EPA & DHA. Other Omega-3 oils, such as fish oil and GMO seed oils, have lower potencies and contain different ratios of the essential fatty acids. Vegetable oil contains no Omega-3 EPA & DHA. Inclusion rates of each oil type in feed formulations can significantly impact the levels of EPA & DHA in the finished feed, and therefore in the salmon fillet.