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Aquaculture pioneer Atlantic Sapphire announces the inclusion of algal omega-3 feed ingredients

Largest global onshore aquaculture company reaches agreement with leading feed producer Skretting and algal oil specialist Veramaris® to deliver sustainable omega-3 rich salmon to the United States, highlights broader ambition to phase out the use of marine-derived ingredients in feed to 2025.

The largest global land-based aquaculture company, Atlantic Sapphire ASA (“Atlantic Sapphire”; OSE:ASA / OTCQX: AASZF) is pleased to announce it has partnered with Skretting to include Veramaris ASC-MSC certified sustainable algal oil from Q4 2021, reducing the fish oil content in its salmon feed by approximately 25% and accelerating the process of eliminating the use of marine-derived feed ingredients by 2025.

Florida-based Atlantic Sapphire raises salmon on land in the United States using specialized Bluehouse farming technology, where the fish are raised sustainably in conditions that optimize fish welfare, the health of people and the planet.

Atlantic Sapphire CEO Johan Andreassen said: “This partnership is great news for retailers looking to expand the options available on their shelves and for seafood consumers who want to eat a delicious, healthy and sustainable protein. To nourish both people and planet, we raise salmon on land in the United States meaning we have no impact on coastal areas and minimize the carbon footprint associated with air freight. Having a sustainable EPA & DHA alternative for our feed is critical in helping us achieve our ambition of having zero impact on the oceans, and working with Skretting and Veramaris, we believe we have the right partners to get there. Simultaneously, we will continue to work with Skretting on other novel ingredients to help us minimize our footprint as we move towards our mission to be the healthiest and most sustainable animal protein producer in the world.”

Skretting is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of aquaculture feed and services. Their innovative approach is aimed at achieving optimum nutritional value, sustainable production and economic performance as they seek to fulfil their company-wide purpose of ‘Feeding the Future’. In December 2021, Skretting announced its intent to build a new feed facility close to Atlantic Sapphire’s Bluehouse in Florida to lower the cost and footprint of the feed. The long-term feed agreement commits both parties to a close cooperation on R&D and development of Bluehouse feeds for the future, through both financial commitments and sharing of knowledge from and between the two organizations.

Therese Log Bergjord, CEO of Skretting said: “We are pleased to be working together with Atlantic Sapphire to reach ambitious objectives. We have pioneered R&D to reduce marine ingredients in feed for over a decade; now, combined with our expertise in the highest quality feeds for land-based aquaculture we have formulated a specific diet for Atlantic Sapphire containing Veramaris algal oil. Together, we are using technology, innovation, and teamwork to bring local, delicious and sustainable salmon to the US market.”

Veramaris’ algal oil, developed as a sustainable source of both EPA & DHA Omega-3, is used to supplement or replace fish oil across the aquaculture value chain from feed producer to retailer. The oil has the highest potency (>60%) available on the market and Veramaris is the first microalgae producer to have achieved joint ASC-MSC certification. Veramaris algal oil was introduced into Skretting’s feed for Atlantic Sapphire feed starting in Q4 of 2021.

Karim Kurmaly, Veramaris CEO said: “This is a partnership bringing together three innovative companies playing their part to bring sustainable salmon to the USA, the biggest consumption market in the world.

“We are excited to be part of Atlantic Sapphire’s journey. It signals the direction the aquaculture industry is taking to become more sustainable while delivering on the documented value of salmon as part of a healthy and balanced diet. We are committed to working with partners along the value chain to bring transparent and sustainable solutions to the industry that results in healthy fish, healthy food and healthy oceans”.

The feed fish inclusion factor (FFIF) estimates the combined fishmeal and fish oil concentration of the feed on a dry-weight basis relative to the wild fish. Thus, an FFIF value of 2 signifies that the feed is twice as concentrated in marine protein and oil as wild fish. (source: Best Aquaculture Practices)


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