Veramaris opens US$200m facility for EPA & DHA omega-3 algal oil to support sustainable growth in aquaculture

Veramaris has started commercial scale deliveries of its algal oil, meaning that fish oil is no longer a limiting factor for the further growth in aquaculture.

#WorldOceanDay: How do you save the equivalent of a year’s worth of fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea?

The contribution to conserving marine life that we make at Veramaris can be precisely quantified: it's a huge 1.2 million tons per year.

FeedInfo Interview: CEO and CFO of Veramaris discuss outlook

Karim Kurmaly and Frank Beissmann talk about the strategic outlook for Veramaris and its role in enabling continuous growth of the aquaculture industry.

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Skretting and Veramaris announce further collaboration as French supermarket Auchan launches sustainable, super-nutritious trout

Coming just days after Skretting and Veramaris announced they had supported Supermarché Match to launch sustainably raised trout, the two companies have today revealed another breakthrough in bringing sustainable seafood to market.

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Auchan Retail France renforce son engagement pour une aquaculture durable

Après la truite « nourrie à l’insecte » lancée avec un réel succès en 2018 dans les magasins Auchan de la région Nord, l’enseigne innove encore sur sa truite Filière Responsable dont l’alimentation s’enrichit de micro-algues et ne contient désormais plus de farine ou d’huile de poissons spécifiquement pêchés pour nourrir les poissons d'élevage.

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Kaufland becomes first German retailer to introduce sustainable and highly nutritious algal-fed salmon

German retailer Kaufland has become the first supermarket chain in Germany to introduce salmon containing higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The salmon, which will be available under Kaufland’s own brand ‘K-Blue Bay’ from 27 February 2020, has been fed on an innovative diet containing natural marine algal oil by Veramaris.

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Skretting, Veramaris, help Supermarché Match drive sustainable seafood category with trout launch, after 12% growth success in salmon

Trout produced by Truite Service, fed with a pioneering Skretting diet that incorporates a unique algal oil developed by Veramaris arrived on retail shelves in France this week, progressing sustainable seafood availability in the market to a new level.

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Supermarché Match introduit une truite française écoresponsable, nourrie avec de l’huile d’algues Veramaris riche en oméga-3 EPA et DHA

Une nouvelle fois, Supermarché Match s’illustre dans son rayon poissonnerie et choisit de mettre en avant une truite fraîche nourrie avec de l’huile d’algues riche en oméga-3 EPA et DHA.

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