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Veramaris Manolin Big Data Partnership Reveals Benefits of Optimum Omega Nutrition in Norwegian Salmon Farming

Veramaris’ partnership with Manolin uses data collected from over 232 million fish and 99 farms to reveal meaningful benefits of higher dietary EPA & DHA levels on biological performance and harvest quality. These results empower farmers to increase their return on investment through nutritionally optimized salmon feed.

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Veramaris’ first sustainable development report sets foundations for growth

With Veramaris’ algal oil having secured market acceptance, the company now turns its focus towards growth, operational efficiency, and climate action.

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Veramaris joins World Ocean Council’s Ocean Titans series showcasing innovation and partnership

Veramaris has partnered with the World Ocean Council to show how its innovative algal oil helps aquaculture grow by reducing dependency on vulnerable supplies of fish oil as a primary source of Omega-3 for aquafeed.

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Klaas Puul and Skretting partner to supply sustainable shrimp to European supermarkets

Leading Netherlands-based shrimp importer Klaas Puul is teaming up with Nutreco-owned Skretting, the largest shrimp feed manufacturer in Ecuador, and Dutch sustainable feed ingredient suppliers Protix and Veramaris to supply supermarkets across Europe with more sustainable shrimp produced in Latin America.

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Veramaris sets science-based target to further reduce carbon footprint

Veramaris’ ambitious near-term commitment to decarbonize builds on its mission to sustainably expand the world’s access to EPA & DHA Omega-3s from algae.

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Veramaris in the Media

Apr 07, 2020

New report explores the future of alternative aquafeed ingredients

Outlet Name: SeafoodSource

...ingredients, evaluating insect protein, single-cell protein, and algae protein as potential replacement options in fishmeal. The FAO estimated...
Mar 18, 2020

Norwegen: LEH forciert Algen im Lachsfutter

Outlet Name: Fischmagazin

...norwegische Lachszüchter folgten, darunter Lingalaks, der Öl von Veramaris und Futter von Skretting verwendet. Einer Studie des norwegischen...
Mar 06, 2020

Changement de régime pour les truites d'Auchan

Outlet Name: Les Marchés

...s'enrichit en microalgues. Élaborée en partenariat avec Innovafeed et Veramaris, la ration se compose à 50 % de farines d'insectes (larves de...
Tilia Guérin-Calmettes
Mar 05, 2020

Could climate change cause DHA omega-3 from oceans to plummet?

Outlet Name: Food Navigator USA

...algae to produce EPA+DHA for aquaculture. The new company is called Veramaris, and it opened a production facility a few months ago, he...
Feb 28, 2020

Veramaris, Skretting expand French supermarket penetration of algal-oil fed trout

Outlet Name: SeafoodSource

Skretting and Veramaris have announced that French retail group Auchan is now carrying trout raised on algal oil that imbues it with omega-3 fatty...
Feb 28, 2020

Algae- and insect-fed trout hit French shelves

Outlet Name:

...Truite Service, insect meal producer InnovaFeed and algal oil provider Veramaris. The product was launched at the Paris International...