#WorldOceanDay: How do you save the equivalent of a year’s worth of fish caught in the Mediterranean Sea?

The contribution to conserving marine life that we make at Veramaris can be precisely quantified: it's a huge 1.2 million tons per year.

FeedInfo Interview: CEO and CFO of Veramaris discuss outlook

Karim Kurmaly and Frank Beissmann talk about the strategic outlook for Veramaris and its role in enabling continuous growth of the aquaculture industry.

Evonik awarded for its continued commitment to Nebraska

The Nebraska Diplomats have awarded Evonik the honor of “Outstanding Nebraska Business of the Year” for its continued commitment and expansion in Nebraska, USA.

AquaNor 2019

Location: Trondheim, Norway


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German Brand Award: Veramaris awarded “Sustainable Brand of the Year”

Veramaris won the German Brand Award 2019 in the premier class "Excellent Brands" as "Sustainable Brand of the Year" with the highest award "Best of Best". On top of that, Veramaris also won a German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Chemical Industry".

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Salmon novelty in France: Supermarché Match launches salmon fed with Veramaris’ innovative natural marine algal oil

The French retailer Supermarché Match is among the early adopters of sustainably raised salmon rich in omega-3 EPA & DHA. The Veramaris-fed salmon is now available in 116 stores in the North-East of France.

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Karim Kurmaly Discusses Veramaris’ Breakthrough Innovation with the Aquademia Podcast

Karim Kurmaly, CEO of Veramaris, spoke to hosts Shaun O’Loughlin and Justin Grant of the Aquademia podcast, to discuss the company’s innovation for the aquaculture industry.

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How Consumers Will Make Informed Choices & Drive Change

The global consumer demand for healthy seafood is growing as consumers become more health conscious and actively aware of the benefits of eating fish. Because of increased access to nutrition and health information via the internet, consumer awareness is quickly evolving into deep care and thought about the health benefits and effects of food on our individual and collective well-being.

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