Jun 12, 2019

German Brand Award: Veramaris awarded “Sustainable Brand of the Year”

Veramaris won the German Brand Award 2019 in the premier class "Excellent Brands" as "Sustainable Brand of the Year" with the highest award "Best of Best". On top of that, Veramaris also won a German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Chemical Industry".

Christian Rummel (Deputy Global Head of Brand Communications & CSR, Deutsche Bank AG), Jürgen Krauter (Vice President Communications, Evonik), Julia Born (Global Communications Manager, Evonik), Dr. Saskia Diehl (Managing Director, GMK Markenberatung)

Veramaris was one of the big winners of the German Brand Award 2019 in Berlin. Veramaris won the German Brand Award 2019 for "Sustainable Brand of the Year" with the highest award "Best of Best" as well as a German Brand Award in Gold in the category "Chemical Industry".

The jury, consisting of renowned brand management experts from industry, agencies and academia, were particularly impressed by Veramaris' brand essence: the why or the "purpose" behind the work of the joint venture of DSM and Evonik. In the case of Veramaris, this is the shared vision of its parents companies to contribute to sustainable and healthy nutrition of a growing world population and the conservation of finite natural resources.

Veramaris has developed an algal oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA & DHA, that will replace the current practice of using fish oil from wild fish as feed in aquaculture. In addition to this sustainable concept for the protection of our oceans, the renowned jury of experts convinced above all the strong brand awareness as well as the brand management.

“Veramaris conveys the brand-relevant themes of water, life, globalization and sustainability in a comprehensible way, without resorting to standard stock material, giving the brand a very unique and authentic feel. Its central message, that the product relieves the burden on natural wild fish stocks, is impressively backed up by its sophisticated graphic design, excellent pictorial language, and concise texts. A comprehensible presentation of very high quality, which makes a complex topic emotionally tangible not only for experts, but also for consumers”, says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council and Chairman of the German Brand Award-Jury.

With the German Brand Award, the German Design Council and the German Brand Institute are honoring successful brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication. In total, the highest award "Best of Best" was awarded twelve times, honoring outstanding brand management across industries.

The German Design Council was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag to strengthen the design competence of the German economy. Its versatile activities pursue one goal: to communicate the sustainable increase in brand value through the strategic use of design.

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